GTA San Andreas PC – How to get the kart in the beggining

To get the Kart in the beggining of the game u will introduce PRIEBJ cheat (for PC) and then go to “Mulholland” is the best place to get one. Then go there a…

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  1. SkyEye1209 says:

    Hey? Why didn’t you clothes change?? When I tried that cheat, I ended up looking like a full assholey Motherf*cking HOBO.

  2. stelios356 says:

    ههياعثينييعياباقاييريتي ينينيني يهين هين وي ني ني و

  3. ISÄS MURMELI says:

    this is bulshit

  4. iamddx567 says:

    STEP 1:download cleo4
    step 2:download the cleo mod vehicle spawner premium by ZAZ
    step 3: install it or what i say is put it in your cleo folder (the mod)

  5. iamddx567 says:

    i think it’s crazytown

  6. morochamendoza says:

    ++++++++1235467890@#?%&*/-+()afcxxzxvbbwrhhgz cbddgghhbvvbbbbbc x

  7. Megafreestyle72 says:


  8. Lucas Miltenburg says:

    i only get a lawnmower

  9. gabryel rodrigues says:

    é legal pular do monte chiliad de kart

  10. tucker mcadams says:


  11. tucker mcadams says:

    doesnt WORK!!!!!

  12. federico brakamonte says:

    no me salen los kaeting

  13. Josue Villamar says:



  14. Josue Villamar says:


  15. Александр Яценко says:

    у меня ничьо не выходит

  16. faizan noor says:

    he did a cheat

  17. jhonatan vivas says:

    eyyy gracias men me sirvio mucho

  18. mixuxu bravo says:

    oyes amigo por ke a mi aunke pongo el truco solo no me aparece el kart

  19. santiago ochoa fuentes says:

    gracias me sirbio mucho el truco


  20. Eduardo Ultra Gamer says:

    seu filho da puta desgraçado,idiota,traste,ordinario,seu vagabundo

  21. ThePepeskateboard says:

    @pedro ismael gonzales a mi igual

  22. anthony logue says:


  23. anthony logue says:

    the cheat is funhousetheme the code is (triangle.triangle,L1 SQUARE,SQUARE,CIRCLE,SQUARE,DOWN,CIRCLE

  24. anthony logue says:

    hey it worked thanks

  25. Jon May says:

    you are a fucking bicth

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